Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

  • To provide a formal structure to truck and heavy vehicles operations in Pakistan and to streamline fleet operations and logistics by standardization vehicle specifications, creating a corporate code of conduct and generally working towards upgradation and qualitative improvement of the trucking industry.
  • To modernize and strengthen trade and transport logistics in Pakistan in order to make Pakistan a regional hub for international trade and to facilitate increasing trade volumes.
  • To make the motor vehicle examination system more effective and encourage its members to replace old and obsolete trucks with modern trucks and trailers in order to avoid environmental externalities.

Mission Statement

  • To act as an organ of communication for and to represent the members of the Association in all or any of their relationships with any Government, Federal or Provincial, local, municipal and other public authorities, trade associations, the press, radio and television, and any other bodies or organizations, and to afford facilities for conferring with and making known the views of the members of the Association in regard to actual or proposed legislation or any other matters directly or indirectly affecting their business interests.
  • To co-operate or enter into any arrangement with and make official representations to the Federal, Provincial or Local Government, advisors to the Government, officials, public or private institutions or other authorities on any matter that may be conducive to all or any of the objects of the Association or which are likely to affect the business of its members and to obtain from any such Government, institutions or authorities rights, privileges and concessions that the Association may deem desirable to obtain, and to carry out, exercise and comply with any such arrangement, rights, privileges and concessions.
  • To establish and maintain good relations between the members of the Association, and to publish and make known information on matters relating to the transport and heavy vehicle business carried on by the member companies for the protection of the interests of the members of the Association.
  • To work actively for the eradication of unethical business practices and to promote honourable business practice within the transport and logistics sector by the members of the Association.
  • To compile, collect and circulate to members of the Association accurate, reliable and current information about all activities related to fleet operation and logistics in Pakistan.