German suspension supplier SAF reports receiving a “milestone” order from the Chinese trailer builders as equipment demand and more stringent safety regulations drive the Chinese trailer market.

Leading Chinese trailer manufacturers will now equip  semi-trailers with axle and suspension systems using special low loader axle systems equipped with  air suspension system.

The main driver of the strong demand for weight-reduced truck and trailer components in China is the restrictions on the total weight permitted for vehicles and truck and trailer combinations, which were introduced in September 2016. This has sparked increasing customer interest in more sophisticated, weight-saving systems.

At the same time, dimension limits and loading regulations introduced for the car-carrier segment came into effect, which has led to a significant reduction in the number of cars that can be loaded on the car-carrier. As a result, experts assume that it will be necessary to expand existing transportation capacity in this segment by 20% to 40%.

In addition, the new GB 7258 regulation, which will take effect in stages, prescribes the use of disc brakes and air suspensions for all trucks and trailers transporting petroleum products and other dangerous goods for safety reasons.

“As a result of the new legislation, we expect demand for new trucks and trailers in China to remain high in the years ahead, especially for the transportation of dangerous goods and vehicles. In order to fulfill the legal requirements, components must meet stringent quality and safety requirements,” explains SAF CEO Detlef Borghardt.